Make Your Life Better with These Top 10+ Moist Facts (Must Read!)

We all have a dry day sometimes. Worry not, my friend. Our experts were working day and night to create this list to make your day at least a little bit moister. 1. If you put a marshmallow into hot chocolate, it becomes moist. 2. Did you know how to make your cake very moist? Of course you didn’t. 3. Did you know that broccoli is 89% water? That’s pretty impressive considering that it’s not even the moistest of vegetables. 4. Moisture is good for the soul (the face as well). 5. The word “moist” means “wet and slippery” translated from Latin. 6. Depressed? Can’t stop crying? Collect the tears and use them to water your dying plants! 7. Snails are moist. 8. Life hack: You can use mayonnaise as a natural foot moisturizer. 9. Basement too dry? Dampen it with leftover bath water. 10. Your skeleton is never dry. 11. If your eyelashes are always moist, it means you are crying a lot. Have you enjoyed this?